At Lema we produce 25,000 tons of fruit born in Extremadura, Andalusia and Murcia, whose mission is to be part of the best and healthiest moments for millions of people around the world. They are already giving us bites in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Irresistible products!


Water and energy, potassium, magnesium phosphorus; vitamins A, C, B3 and folic acid; and fructose in abundance. These are the credentials of the nectarines that make this fruit.


This fleshy fruit is a powerful restorative that prevents cardiovascular and degenerative problems and strengthens the immune system.


From June to September we can enjoy one of the most exquisite, sweet and juicy fruits. The ideal healthy food for summer: plum.


The Flat Peach is the "flat" brother, short and little of the peach. But it also has its sexy side. In fact, it is sweeter and its pulp is meatier.


Flat Nectarine and Flat Peach are almost synonymous words, with the exception that platerinas do not have "hair." This variety of peach is also flattened.


The apricot is rich in vitamins A and C, in potassium, calcium and magnesium and in beta-carotene and tannins. If you have children, this is your fruit, because it helps bone growth.


Asparagus are, in addition to being delicious, great allies for health as they have high levels of B vitamins, perfect for fatigue, depression, and altered moods.


Regularly consuming cucumbers is like vacuuming toxins through our body, while replenishing the multitude of vitamins we need to survive.


They are a true gift of autumn, a dry fruit, very energetic and palatable, a vegetable source of protein. Essential food that we must eat frequently and that will help us fight the typical diseases of autumn and many more.


Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts on the planet, they have a delicate and sweet taste, and they contain an infinite number of beneficial properties for our body. Among its benefits, it stands out that they help strengthen bones, hair, skin, are good for the heart, and are considered one of the greatest sources of fiber and antioxidants on the planet.