At Lema we produce 5,400 tons of peaches of the red varieties (from May to the first week of September), white (from May to July) and pavia (from the end of May to August)

Why consume peaches?

This fleshy fruit is a powerful tonic that prevents cardiovascular and degenerative problems and strengthens the immune system. Its continued consumption contributes to reducing stress, anemia and improving the functioning of bones and teeth.

Due to its iron content, the peach is indicated in case of anemia and if it is taken before each meal, it acts in the body as a tonic and cleanser.

Thanks to its composition (86% water) and its low caloric content, it is also recommended in weight loss diets. In addition, peach juice and nectar (the juice with the pulp) have diuretic properties, so they are suitable for activating kidney function.

The B vitamins present in peaches help metabolize and digest food.