Between the months of February and May we produce 1,500 tons of the best asparagus in the world

Why consume white asparagus?

Asparagus are, in addition to being delicious, great allies for health.

In fact, the healing virtues of asparagus have been known since ancient times, especially its effect on the kidneys, whose cellular activity it estimates without causing any irritation.

They are ideal for intestinal patients and for overweight people as they accelerate the work of the large intestine.

They have high levels of B vitamins, so they are perfect in case of fatigue, depression, altered moods ... They are also rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, so they have great antioxidant power that helps fight cancer, heart disease and eye disorders.

Another well-known action of asparagus, due to its high potassium and asparagine content, is its slight diuretic power.

Also, did you know that asparagus helps to improve chronic eczema? As you have read.